Incorporated in 1975, the American Saddlebred Association of Kansas (ASAK) is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the American Saddlebred breed and its amazing versatility, as well as establishing community, encouraging good sportsmanship, sharing knowledge, and fostering the well-being of Saddlebreds among those involved with them or interested in them.  We are a proud Charter Club of the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeder's Association, our national breed association.

Our annual event, the Salina Charity Horse Show, has donated over $10,000 to local Salina charities since we began sponsoring the show in 2009.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity and are Silver Star Rated on the nonprofit-monitoring Guidestar website.  See the Salina Show page for more information.

Of course, we'd love to have you join us, so there's a link to the membership form available right here!   

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Kate McCarthy and Mountainview's Peaches 'N Cream

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